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Warcry Campaign in UlkenKarn

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Hello everyone !!!

GW just released for free a mini campaign for Warcry in the Cursed city setting :

‘A Fool’s Trove in Ulfenkarn’ is a campaign for four players. In it, players are free to choose any faction for their warband of would-be treasure seekers. Each group is roaming the Cursed City to find the ruined Ven Silveren estate before their rivals and take the riches that are rumoured to lie in the household’s crypts for themselves.

The campaign comprises four battles in total, the last of which is a climactic Triumph & Treachery battle bringing all the players together in a clash across the Ven Silveren estate itself.

Download the Campaign PDF

It's a good idea and the inclusion of the night Mechanics with models from Cursed city is neat!