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Dwarf !! Again

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Hello !

Continuing in our grand plan to calculate points cost for all warscrolls, we did an update for the dwarfs :

-Fixed typo
-fixed text paragraph on mobile device ;)
-tweaked the formula for bugman beers
-reduced the impact of slow movement on dwarf.

-Remade specials rules database to include a "easy to hard to use factor" and "number of use" data row.

So, now the program take in account if a power is :
-always active
-easy to use
-moderate to use
-hard to use
-impossible to use

ex: a bonus on the charge round is easier to use if you move 12" per turn than if you move 4".

If a power is :
-one use
-half the time

Still need to add the Keywords to each warscrolls !

High elves and skaven are next
High elves small

Tonight's is AOS night (we are 8 or 9 i think) , we still need to complete the elves and skaven formula for testing tonight !!!

I hope to have pics and debrief tomorrow ! And maybe a battle report !!

ps : i'd love to explain the formula a bit more. But, first as i am not english it's hard to speak about math in a, foreign language. Second, for the more complex part of the formula, i am not the one doing the conceptualisation works.