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More Dakka : Mechanicus Edition

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Hello everyone !!

Coming with the new Mechanicus Codex a much-needed balance pass on the Weapons.

Galvanic Rifle

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Lot more dakka and -1 ap is good. Lose a bit of movement but I am sure Mechanicus will have stratagem/rules to mitigate the Heavy Weapon penalty.

Arc Weapons

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Woa nice buff and will fry vehicle !

Cognis Weapon

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+33% of DakKa on Cognis weapons

Cognis LazCanon

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Neat, assault 2 and d3+3 :D

Breacher Torsion Canon

warhammer rumour

Range Doubled to 48" (was 24") and now D3+3 dmg (was d6)

Plasma Culverin

Overcharging doesn't destroy the model on a 1 anymore, just a mortal wound.


The army is so cool looking it's a shame their weapons were kind of weak.
I am very pleased to see them buffed!