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Horus Heresy : Maloghurst the Twisted

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Hello everyone !!!

Forge Wolrd is releasing Maloghurst the Twisted !!

Wow instantly one of my favorite HH models !

Who is Maloghurst you ask ? :

Maloghurst was a veteran legionary that served the Luna Wolves and Sons of Horus throughout numerous campaigns during the Great Crusade, earning the nickname ‘Twisted’ due to his formidable mind. The title took on a cruel double meaning when enemy forces shot down his transport during the pacification of planet 63-19, and he was left badly injured.
When the heresy kicked off, Maloghurst proved himself to be one of the Warmaster’s closest confidants. While his injuries meant that he could no longer fulfil the role of frontline warrior, he was awarded the honour of carrying Horus’ personal icon.

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Maloghurst the Twisted will be available to pre-order soon