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Warhammer 40000 : Beast Snaggas - a new Ork Sub faction !

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Hello everyone !!

A new GreenSkin subculture is getting added to the 40k universe, the Beast Snaggas !

I know, I avoided the topic for quite some time ! But it's because I don't understand the GW intent of making Snakebites copies ...

Still, let's check who they are!

The Beast Snaggas

The Beast Snaggas are master squig-breeders and ride to war on these ferocious beasts ! Even if they don't use Bikes/trucks they still use modern weaponry like Guns and chain blade or rocket spears !

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Beast Snaggas are bigger than other works (S4 ?) Aven their Gretchins are more courageous!

warhammer rumour

A Beast Snagga Doc is also coming and should be revealed next (but maybe there is more coming)

Not Snakebites & conclusion

These models should be used as Boar Boys! I don't understand the decision to create new snakebites that are not snakebites ^^ The mounts would make greats Space Cyber Boar don't you think? So what is the problem with Snakebites ?

Also in the first Warcom article, there was this sentence :

Their appreciation for ‘da old ways’, and their disregard for more complex Orky technology, leads many of the Snakebite clan to become Beast Snaggas

I don't know if GW is erasing Snakebites but...

Still, the models look cool and it's great to see new models added to Xenos armies.