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Soulblight Gravelords new rules : Endless Legions is it strong or weak ?

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Hello everyone !!

Warcom revealed some details about the next AOS Battletome the Soulblight Gravelords.

-There will be at least 5 Dynasties (Cursed Bloodlines), each one will have some special rules.

Check the original article here : Warcom Link to Vampire teaser

But what interests me today is the Endless Legions rules previewed.


It's a common rule for all vampire bloodline.

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When you think about it, there are so many conditions and one roll :

-Need to destroy 1+ units during your turn
-Need to have at least one unit of Zombies or Squelletons Destroyed (Summonable)
-Then you roll a dice 4+ (for 1 unit destroyed) , 3+ (for 2 units) , 2+ (for 3 units)
-Set up wholly within 12'' of a gravesite.
-More than 9" from all enemy units. (this one is standard )
-Half the model destroyed return.

Gravesites: at the start of the game, you choose 2 spots to be full of corpses. (I don't the know the limits yet).

The rule looks super bad on the first reading but is it that bad? You need to lose a big or a valued unit for it to be worthwhile. Also RAW does the new replacement summon prevent using the same destroyed unit for future summon?.

So if I lose one unit during turn 2 (and I play second). I get 4 rolls to bring the unit back, summon happen during the Battleshock phase so last turn summons are not going to matters much. So 3 rolls at 3+ (if you manage to destroy 2 units per turn), you pass 2 on average during a game, so you get 2 * 1/2 unit.

So if Black Knight are still summonable you can rush with one unit and use this 'template' for endless legions purpose? but it's not great either has on average you don't gain Net models so if the prime unit die for nothing it's not that great.

2 others rules

warhammer rumour

Classic Death bubble but with Gravesite added.

warhammer rumour

You need 2 potential targets and roll a 9+ (27.8 %) can be fun or totally useless ^^


Endless Legions is a poor rules imho. But with only this we can't judge the power level of the army yet however having a weak iconic common rules is not a good start ^^

And you, what do you think of Endless legions?