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Radukar the Wolf and entourage !

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Hello everyone!

Today we learned in a Warcom post, that Radukar and his friends from cursed city are going on pre orders next week.

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here the text in the article :

Radukar the Wolf depicts the mighty vampire lord of Ulfenkarn as he was before his transformation into the Beast. Radukar’s Court, meanwhile, represents the motley inner circle of retainers who serve the undying lord of the city. These two sets are only available from, so be sure to head online next weekend to pre-order Ulfenkarn’s foremost denizens.

After reading this I ask myself a few questions :

Is it a limited or permanent item ?

Okay the models are only, but are they going to stay ? is it only a made to order ? a way to clear a few stock (ho god I hope not) .

I want to believe that the models are going to stay, I mean they have the mold the can keep pumping them. Off course they are hard to package in a box unless you sold them as the mammoth unit from the battletome.

The Mammoth unit problem

In the Battletome Soulblights Gravelords, Radukar and his retinue are a single entry costing 750+ points. It's stupid as most of these models are cool and got interesting rules to sabord them in a unit no one will play...

Then, is it to match the Cursed City sprue?

Or to do the same as WHU Warband ?

Also, each model in the Radukar Team has one independent warscroll. I don't get why they needed to regroup them ^^

warhammer rumour

Are other models coming ?

Can we expect the heroes, the Skellies and the Zombies from Cursed city as well?

That would be cool!

What does it say about Cursed City

I am not sure yet, but if all the models from CS get released online it would confirm the rumour that the cards accessories cost too much since the Brexit...

What are you think ?