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Broken Realms : Kragnos !

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Hello everyone !!!

This is it, Kragnos the last broken realms volume announcing the third AOS edition is going on pre-orders next week!

Broken Realms: Kragnos

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Kragnos !!!

huge model and look nice but he doesn't really fit the other destruction army ...

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Lord Kroak

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Magnificient !! one of the best model GW made recently

Dexcessa and Synessa, the Talon and the Voice of Slaanesh

This kit builds either Dexcessa, the Talon of Slaanesh, or Synessa, the Voice of Slaanesh, so if you want to swell the ranks of your hedonite host with both of these formidable daemons, make sure you pre-order two sets next weekend.

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Warsong Revenant

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I like it a lot but I am not sure about the sprite eggs ...

Galen and Doralia ven Denst

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Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament 2021 Mission Pack and Munitorum Field Manual 2021 MkII

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It's a bit of a surprise and as I didn't have much chance to play since COVID hit the planet I am not sure what to expect ^^

What are you excited about?