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Beast Updated rules in Kragnos Broken Realms !

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Hello everyone !!

Some Kragnos Images are doing the round on facebook ...

Beast Upgrade


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+5 pts
Run and charge now (at last !)
Grisly Trophy is an aura now that pop instantly if your Beastlord kill something, it's a lot better now.
Before it was a reroll but now it's +1.
Reroll is a bit better but saving the CP is good!
Lost reroll 1 on axe but now 6 explode on heroes...

Honestly, it's a good upgrade just being able to run and charge to support Bestigor is kind of cool


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Aura of Madness changed a lot, tail attack wound now on 2+ (was 3+)

Warpaths of the Beastherds

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+20% to pass a 9" charge after an ambush but only for gors
A few extra mortals on Mino Charge.
Raging storm : is a lot of rolls for poor effects...

Nothing incredible but for having 5 to 6 small gors units charging the backline end of first turn is interesting so you can expect 2 to 4 charges to prevent ranged units from attacking you...If you play with Cogs (and you should !) you have 75% to pass gors charge ! while bestigors and beastlord could do a 12" move + 1d6+1 run + 2d6 + 2 charge = 15"+3d6 (25" average) and pile in 4" after.

Maybe there is something that could work !

Ghorraghan's battalion

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At 140 pts, I want to like it for the +1 to hit but...if you lose the shaman it's harsh..

Also new stuff :

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warhammer rumour