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Warhammer+ Teaser... Animation is just the beginning

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Hello everyone!

WHTV made a nice presentation of the characters in the Angel of Death animation : check it there

What's more interesting to me is the tease about Warhammer+

They’re not the only things your subscription to Warhammer+ will let you access either, with more benefits (including some you wouldn’t even think of) joining the service when it launches. If you want to find out more, keep your eyes trained on Warhammer Community on the 23rd of June when we take a closer look.

My first reaction to the warhammer+ announcement was negative. In the sort of "impossible to make it worthwhile for everyone". But if Warhammer+ granted you access to everything ? And by everything I mean "EVERYTHING" but in digital...Could it works?

When you think about it, all warscrolls, datasheet, books, are already floating on the internet. There is nothing GW can do about that.. But Warhammer+ could be a Netflix like sub that also grants access to AOS/40K list maker, book and apps and stuff. They could also offer an early pre-order spot for Subs...

Would it work ? Maybe, would it reduce the overall revenue of GW ? probably but it could be excellent anticipation of what the future market could be.

What do you think?