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Killaboss , Dominion Wizards and new Commands !

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Hello everyone !!

Huge days of reveal on AOS 3.0 by WarCom !!

KruleBoys Allegiance

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ho wow ! Old school rending for the whole army !

What’s more, they gain this ability whether you field an army consisting exclusively of Kruleboyz or use them as part of a larger Orruk Warclans force.

Work in the Soup as well ! (so in a big whaaggg ?)

KillA Boss with stab grot

Decent stats, Flail is a bit weak so shield is probably the better choice.

2 heroes without a command ability on the warscroll!

Command Revolution !

Basic Commands are evolving and are getting a lot better :

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Neat for big units !

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Woaaa, hold and fire is back !

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That change is so good!

Conclusion & Prediction

All army should have access to nice command abilities...When you think that even unit Champion can use them it's incredible :D

So the last 2 Heroes shown (imperatorantor and KillaBoss) don't have a Command on the warscroll! Are command becoming Army-wide like Stratagem?
The Beastlord new warscrolls don't have a command as well, the 2 new daemons from Kragnos as well, Kragnos don't have one too.
Only Kroak and Allarielle seems to have one

Maybe most heroes are loosing their command ability to reserve them to Faction leader (Kroack, Be lakor, allarielle...)

What do you think ?

Wizard or Shaman
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Knight Arcanum

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-Nice range if you have multiple Thunderstrike close by !

-6 Wounds and a 3+

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Wow direct counter to the new hyped Endless Spells ...

Swampcalla Shaman

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Hmm terrible spell if you play soup ^^ but you don't care as you brew potion anyway ^^

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Hard to use but super strong. MW on a 5+ to hit that is incredibly strong !