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KillaBoss on Great Gnashtoof & more non revealed monster !

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Hello everyone !!!

Stats of the Killabosse on Great Gnashtoof are know :

warhammer rumour

A nice 10w and a 3+ sv (so 2+ with the finest hour and +1 with defense stratagem)

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Nice Damage potential !

Also By Raw, it looks like the +1 to hit is for the rider and the mount? Unless the image is from another warscroll of non mounted Great Gnashtoofs ...

warhammer rumour

Aura range is short but that is a strong passive !

More Monster to come !

As savage as the Great Gnashtoof is, it’s by no means the only monster lurking in the swamps of Ghur. We’ve seen the terrifying Mirebrute Troggoth already, but rumours that make it out of the darkness mention a fearsome beast known as the Sludgeraker and even a winged monstrosity that circles the murky skies above.

Hooooo Nice! Would love a wyvern ^^