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AOS 3.0 Rules leaks !

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Hello everyone !!

Some army building rules are being revealed :

No more unit maximums.

All units come in minimum sized squads.

You can "Reinforce" a unit by buying a second copy of the squad, like instead of bringing 10 dudes you bring 20. You can do this a number of times based on the game size (4 times at 2000pt).

Most unit can only be Reinforced once, but Battleline units can reinforced twice. So a battleline unit could be reinforced from 10 to 30.

Some units have the "Single" tag which means they can't be reinforced.

It breaks elite units down to 1-2 squads max, but still gives you the option to run a couple big bricks of battleline.

Also Min unit size should change in some case

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Sludgeraker : is a fuck-off hueg crocodilian that's more of a force of nature than a unit. 16W, 2+ save, ignores wounds or mortals on a 6, main weapon (it's jaws) is 5/+3/+3/-3/D4. +1 to wound rolls if it charged. It's also about 150 points less than it ought to be. What's the catch? After the first time it fights it *MUST* charge the nearest enemy if able for the rest of the game, although a Breaka-boss can check it for a command point.

Skyrippa : is a giant bat w/ a scorpion tail rode by a killaboss. 8W, 3 up save, 16 move. Can deep strike. -1 to be hit.


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Stat block

Hobgrotz Slittaz
5" move, 6+ save, 1 wound, bravery 4
Missile weapon (the grenade) 1 attack, 4+/3+/-1/1
Melee 1 attack, 4+/5+/0/1
Hit6 causes two hits

5" move, 2 wounds, 5+ save
2 attacks, 4+/4+/0/1
At the start of the charge phase if this unit is >3" from an enemy unit, pick an enemy unit within 12" that isn't a HERO or MONSTER. Roll 2d6 and add 1 to the roll for every model in this unit. If the result is higher than the enemy units bravery, subtract one from hit rolls when that enemy unit fights this unit until the end of the turn.

Manskewer Boltboyz
5" move, 2 wounds, 6+ save
Aimed Shot: 24" 1 attack, 3+/3+/-1/2
Hasty Shot: 12" 2 attacks, 4+/3+/-1/2

Can only use Aimed Shot if you didn't move and there are no enemies within 3"


Killaboss with Stabgrot 140
Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof 200
Murknob with Belcha-banna 115
Swampcalla Shaman 125
Hobgrotz 10 / 95
Boltboyz 3 / 120
Gutrippaz 10/ 180