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Necromunda Water Guild & Bloodbowl made to order classic

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Hello everyone !!!


Next week for Necromunda the water guild will be on pre-orders !

Content are Mercator Syphoning Delegation (rules in the House of Blades expansion). With 1 Master Nautican, 1 Syphonite, 1 Subnautican berserker.

Models are very good especially the Berserker !!

Blood Bowl

Also if you are bored and really need some old BB metal models they are on made to orders. Elves didn't age well but thralls + vamps are ok. TBH there dozens of better looking High elves or Vamps team out there ^^

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Age of Sigmar

Coins + box still available on the Webstore.

warhammer rumour