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Be'Lakor datasheet for Warhammer 40000 (kinda)

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Hello everyone !!

Be'Lakor datasheet is coming with Charadon Act 2. The model is already in shops for AOS (but out of stock right now i am afraid) . With his new datasheet come a Be Lakor faction.

Here what we know :

Can make 6 or 12 attacks at full life with a base Strength of 8

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Psyker lvl 2 :

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Also have access to Noctic discipline that’s unique to Disciples of Be’lakor

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Toughness 7 and 16 wounds with a 4++ -1 to wounds and hit and can't reroll !

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2CP is expensive but can be life saving !

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Be Lakor must pick trait. One friendly non-vehicule.

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Within 6'' is small but it's better than nothing.

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Perfect to protect that devastator unit ^^

Lots of good things are coming with Be Lakor...What about the second wounds for CSM? ^^