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Moar Dakka with new Orks rules !

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Hello everyone !!!!

New Orc codex has a new Dakka Rule for ranged weapons. It sounds like old Salvo weapons where you get more shots at short range.

But note that Dakka Weaopns are a new types of weapons and are not Assaults that mean you can't run and shoot anymore...

But what about the new Waaagh rules ?

Orc Boss get Waaagh Speed Freak boss get SpeedWaaagh, Ghaz gets a combined Waaagh (does that make him auto-include ?)

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

SpeedWaaagh mentions Dakka weapons but the assault weapons mention is kind of troubling considering that orcs weapons are not assault weapons anymore ?

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Only the Kustom Mega Blasta is still assault (and gain blast ?) but maybe there are few mores in the dex. Also maybe there are stratagems to run and gun...

Rokkit Launcha

The Rokkit Launcha Heavy D3 with blast is interesting. First, you can't run and shoot anymore.

Against small unit and vehicle if you have to move it's on average the same (1/3 vs 1/6*1d3). If you don't have to move or can move without penalty it's a big buff! (twice the number of hit on average)

Against 6+ models unit if you have to move it's 1/3 vs 1/2 so it's an 18% buff. But if you don't need to move or can move without penalty it's: 1/3*3 so 1 hit average per model shooting ! Neat.

Rokkit Kannon

It's a small nerf vs small units if you need to move and a small buff in other case.

Shoota & big shoota

Bikes with dual big shoota are happy in a speedwaaaagh ^^ 12 shots per bike with extra ap ?

For normal Shoota considering the Waaagh does nothing for them and you can't run and shoot anymore the new weapon profile sound irrelevant....Maybe it could be good in some corner case but for now, i am not impressed!

Gorkanaut Deffstorm shoota

Heavy 18 to a frankly alarming Dakka 30/20. Yes, that’s 30 Strength-6 shots within 18”

Don't know if he lost the AP-1 but you can still get it back during the speedwaaaagh and gain one extra shot ^^

Sound fun

What do you think of this new Dakka Weapons type ?