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Kill Team new rules details !

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Hello again everyone !!

We have now more details on the new KT character sheet.

Wounds : Veteran IG get 7 wounds so that is a lot of granularity considering that one lasgun shot is 2 or 3 damage (depending on the success or range maybe ?)

APL : represent actions points limit per turn

GA : ??

DF : Defense score

Sv : is like 40k but only vs ranged weapons.


Move statistic use a mix of widget and color/form code. It's kind of weird to go the widget road (like Xwing) but still use numeric values ^^ we will have to see more details to see how ti works in game.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Symbols and keywords

Keywords are used to check if one target is eligible or not.


warhammer rumour

These are used in narrative format to lvl up your operatives.

Yea it's a new game we are going to need more details get an idea on how it plays !!

What do you think ?