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New Edition Kill Team Shooting Rules !

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Hello everyone !!!

Ranged combat rules for next KT editions are as follow :


Unless noted otherwise weapons have unlimited range to represent the small size of the fight.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

As you can see the lasgun have no range limit but the pistol has one (6")

Attack and Defense

Very shadowrunny you roll Number of A dice difficulty is your WS/BS.
Then target roll number of Defense dice with difficulty Save

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In this case, the Trooper roll 4 dice difficulty 4+ when attacking and 3 dice difficulty 5+ when defending.

Each net hit deals damage depending on if it's critical or not.


Each 6 on attack roll or defence is 1 critical. A critical hit deals the damage behind the slash bar

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Note you need 2 normal success to cancel on critical hit we can expect that critical SV count as 2 success as well?

Special Rules (SR)

Some weapons have special rules that are noted on the card :

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So Flamer roll 5 dice at 2+ damage is 2/2 range is red (6"). Torrent allows it to attack all models within ◯* of the initial target

Critical rules ( ! )

When you roll a crit ( ! ) symbol on the dice you deal the damage right of the slash bar. But some weapons have an extra effect!

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Critical Hit Rules, as the name implies, are only applied to critical successes. The long-las’ MW3 (short for Mortal Wounds 3) rule, for instance, inflicts three automatic wounds for every critical hit rolled before the unfortunate target has any chance to prevent them.

A sniper with long las is dangerous!

First Impression

I really like the new rolling system it's neat to represent a different way of defending, like more dice but at 5+ for an Eldar.

Not a big fan of the unlimited range even if it makes sense...

That sound good!

Hyped to see the melee rules