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Kill Team new edition : Melee rules

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Hello everyone !!

More details have been shared by WHTV about the melee rules in the new Kill Team Editions :

It works a bit like a ranged attack but without defence roll :

1) Both players roll their Combat dice (Number of dice = A and successes are WS)

2) Starting with the attacker, the combatants then alternate, choosing whether they want to use a successful hit to inflict damage or parry one of their opponent’s hits, cancelling it out.

3) Resolve damage with hits on both sides that were not defended.

It's a bit more time consuming but hella fun as you can decide to use wounds to soak and use all your hits on dmg...Or stall for time and going full defence!

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Power Sword looks nasty. Lethal 5+ mean you crit on 5+ instead of 6. I am not sure yet but I guess Melee crit can only be defended by Crits ? or by 2 normal successes making the power sword really strong!

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Movement penalty

warhammer rumour

Units move in increments of 2″ (denoted by ◯), and most have either two or three ◯.

The new system makes navigating terrain much easier – the cost to climb a ladder or vault a barricade is usually ◯, so most troops can move 4″ in total if they also cleared an obstacle during their turn.

Yea look good and easy!

Melee looks awesome, what do you think ?