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Next Week on Pre orders : AOS starter, Endless Spells and scenery

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Hello everyone !!

Next week on pre order are coming the new AOS starters, a repack of Malign sorcery and Forbidden power plus a scenery set the Realmscape Expansion Set !

3 levels of starters set

warhammer rumour

Dominion models spread around the 3 sets. Hard sell when there are Dominion still available.

3 paints set

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Realmscape Expansion Set

warhammer rumour

Look cool

2 spells pack and the Teclis Ball

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-Spells from Malign sorcery and Forbidden power repacked. I hope the card are updated ^^

Concerning the enchanting Penumbral Engine is it playable in Matched ? i don't remember the rules being updated in the GHB 2021...maybe it come with it ?

Mac Farlane Toys

Avail to Order in USA next week (no pre order just added to the shop)

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Still no Battletome for Orcs or SCE :(