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Review of the Extremis Starter Box for Age of Sigmar

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Hello everyone !!

Tomorrow are released 3 new Starters set for AOS.

GW sent me an Extremis Box of the starter (the biggest). The box is 105£ on GW UK but you can get it for 84£ on Element games


The box contain :

  • 80 pages softback fluff book
  • it's actually decent and was a nice read.

  • Core Rule Softback
  • mini rulebook smaller than the GHB...but as you need GHB to play 90% of the time...not great


    All models are the ones from Dominion and are push-fit

  • Krulle Boys
  • 1 Shaman, 10 hobs, 10 gutrippers (same as the ones from Dominion Box)... If you already have Dominion half of the box it's ok as a second shaman is good and 10 lines are needed anyway... But 3 crossbolts boys would have been a lot better than 10 Hobz... So stingy GW ...

    - 10x Hobgrot Slittaz: These malicious little brutes delight in eviscerating the foe with their slitta-knives and employing explosive devices pilfered from their duardin paymasters.

    Duardin Paymasters ^^

  • Stormcast
  • (same as the ones from Dominion Box)1 Imperatant, 3 praetors, 5 Vindictors. So again if you already have Dominion only the Vindictors are useful to fill the third line needed. Both Praetors and Imperatant are deadweight... The Wizard and 3 annihilators would have been a lot better or even 2 * 5 vindictors...

  • Stuff to play
  • as opposed to Dominion with only models and books, this box has the stuff needed to play: Rules, dices, range rules, cardboards and terrains

  • Scenery
  • 5 Neat Pieces of Scenery are included, all push-fit !!

    - 1x Nexus syphon
    - 1x Guardian idol
    - 2x Domicile shells
    - 1x Pile of pillars

    Considering that the models included are the same as the Harbringer box costing only 65£ you pay 40£ for these.

    Note that the sceneries inside are not available outside this box right now...

    warhammer age of sigmar review

    warhammer age of sigmar review

Battlefield Combo ^^

The Cardboard Battlefield included in the box is 22" * 30" so you need 3 more to play at 2K points. Weird when you think about need an odd number of boards to have a full set ^^

Luckily daddy GW has the perfect shopping road planned for you :

Realmscape: Ghurish Expanse : 30£ , include 2 22"*30" cardboard board..

warhammer age of sigmar review

Extremis Edition – Realmscape Expansion Set: 55£, include 5 scenery pieces and one 22"*30" cardboard.

warhammer age of sigmar review

All these have the same styles and are double-faced so everything is compatible... Quite costly for cardboard as you need 85£ after the extremis set for having a nice battlefield. ... It's not a great deal but at least is a rational path set for the customer...

Honestly, it would be a lot better if the model's selection for Extremis set was better for Orks and SCE then it would combine better with dominion ...

Scenery quality

It's not all dark, the exclusive scenery inside the box are very cool looking ... I started painting the Nexus Syphon and it's a very nice and thematic little temple!

warhammer age of sigmar review


Yes, it's a Starter and only a starter...If you are already playing AOS this box is not for you unless you really want these sceneries. If you don't play AOS yet, Get a dominion Box while you can and split it with a friend if you are fine playing Orks or Stormcast Eternals...
If you want to offer a box to a duo so they can start playing it's a good choice. It's less expensive than Dominion and has all the stuff you need to play and fewer models to assemble.

That's it for the Extremis review...


The Extremis set was freely sent by GW