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Age of Sigmar : Nexus Syphon is done !!

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Hello everyone !!!

Finished my Nexus Syphon Scenery from the Extremis Set...

It was a fun paint..

It's quite different than painting models. Honestly there a bunch of things i would do differently if i had to start over. But there is one thing i will keep in mind when painting scenery : "Have a plan" if you going with the spur of the moment thing you can loose a lots of time...this is what happened there ^^

Paint used (it's a bit chaotic because there was a bunch of try and error ^^)

Gold is : Brown undercoat, retributor gold, Seraphin shade, solid gold (vallejo) highlight
Walls : White undercoat, apothecary Contrast, white glaze with AB and white dry brush
Blue is : White, aethermatic blue contrast, then white, then aethermatic blue then white...
Metal is boltgun metal, Mithril silver, nuln oil , Mithril silver

Been a while since i used TMM...:/

Review of Extremis


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