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Thousand Sons improvements in the new codex

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Hello everyone !!

Going on pre order this week the new Thousand Sons Codex have seen some changes :


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Bummer ^^ Each Rubric or Scarab units allow one Bray and One Cultist unit in the detachment... It's a small nerf but some heavy bray list will be affected.


Still there are many buff and new stuff coming :

+1 Wound across the Board for Thousand Sons Space Marines .

All is dust did not change i think :

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But they gained a new Auto pass morale :

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Also Terminator have now 3 Attacks and 3 wounds + their Power sword was changed to Kopesh :

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So they are now effectively Master Crafted Power sword..Neat !

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+1 shot and +1S not bad


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Super good now that a bunch of weapons are base damage 2, that TS are now wounds 2 and they gain +1 armor roll against damage 1 attacks :D

Expensive if you have more than 5 models thought :(

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Neat !

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Woaaaa nice combo ^^

Nda lift tomorrow ^^