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Octarius : New Kill Team edition is coming !

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Hello everyone !!!

Kill Team new edition pre-order start next week. It's a 15 days Pre Order window (14 to 28 August).
4 main Items are available :

The box

The set includes 23 brand new Citadel miniatures, a battlefield full of Orkish terrain, the 144-page rulebook, a 96-page campaign manual, and all the dice, tokens, barricades, cards, and combat gauges you need to lead run spec ops engagements in the 41st Millennium.

Box is limited in time

Kill Team: Core Book and Kill Team: Compendium

warhammer rumour Tact Ops Card

Also included in the box :

You get two identical decks of 27 cards, one for each player, which cover all 24 of the secondary objectives listed in the Core Book, as well as three cards you can use to hide your choices.

warhammer rumour The Kill Team: Killzone Essentials

It comes with three all-important combat gauges, 84 tokens, and six barricades...

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