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Kill Team Box Contents review

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kill team box review

Hello everyone !!

Kill Team Octarius the new edition of the game is going on pre-orders. This pre-order will last 15 days. I will use this time period to do a few reviews of the box and the game to help you decide if the box and the game are for you.

Also, note that the box is packed with stuff but will be limited. I don't know what the stock level is! We will have more details when FLGS get allotment later this week.

Let's jump right in with this first part of the review: the box content. I will not bore you with an open the box (^^) and jump right into what's inside and if it's worth it.

Octarius box set has 4 types of things inside Models, Scenery, Widget, Books.


Inside the box, there are 2 kill teams. One Krieg that represent Hardened Veteran Guardsmen. One Ork Commando kill-team. Both kt look super cool and Krieg being a fan favourite for a long time is a decisive plus!

Krieg :

After assembling the kill team I found the models small. They are normal IG size but after building all those Stormcast or Krulleboys simple Imperial guard felt very small.

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Each model has loads of details and even more elements you can add like: pouch, grenade, flask, shovels...

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Krieg is on 3 differents sprues but the numbering was logical enough and I didn't spend too much time looking for the right parts.

Talking about parts there are not enough arms for building 3 gunners (unless I failed somewhere) but there are enough arms to kitbash something fine.

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I advise checking the assembly instruction before building and examining what you want to builds. Also, use Gel glue or slow dry glue as the arms and weapons are 3 parts you will need to reposition them during assembly :D

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Building Specialist or Basic veteran is your choice as you can select one of each (3 gunners one with reach weapons). Just know that Basic trooper has a group activation of 2 (so you activate 2 models at once). It's a big advantage as having less activation than the opponents (more details in the rules review)

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There are only 10 models for Krieg and you kind of need 14 to have a full veteran list (there is an option to play with 10 and 2 airstrikes but it was not great tbh)

For once maybe push-fit models would have made sense in a KT starter to play as fast as possible. And choose the right weapons for you once you know the game.

Still, it's awesome to have PLASTIC kriegs and the way the sprues are cut we can expect a full line in the future.

Let's get to the Orks!

Krieg :

warhammer rumour

They are probably the best orks models ever made. It's the expendables but Orkish in plastic! All these models could have been in an ork version of predator :D

Orks were a lot easier to assemble than Krieg. I still advise gel glue for repositioning. The bigger part made the correct connection point more obvious than the Kriegs boys.

On the other hand, the Orcs Parts on the sprue had a terrible layout it took me an age to build them and lost way too much time looking for the right parts!

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Specialist Orcs look so good and characterful that I only built one or two specialists. Also, Ork Kommando doesn't get Group Activation so I went, full specialist !!

They have a lot more head swap options than Krieg and a bunch of little extra you can add: Swiss knife, ammo pack, knives, pouch.

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warhammer rumour

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You also get one grot ninja/swimmer and one Squig bomb. Both are very character models and I can't wait to paint them.

That's it for the model let get to the scenery.


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As you can see it's a scrap of orcs camp-themed scenery. The table is packed. It's not something you can easily assess when looking at the pics but when you set up the board it's full of cover.

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3 * 3 buildings are duplicate but the rough nature of the orc terrains make it less obvious. The Board is of course included and once the terrain is assembled you can start playing.

It's nice to have enough terrains to play a satisfactory game on it. Also included are 6 small barriers. They are quite handy to make sure no space is empty as a cover is your lifeline in the game (unless you are a Custodes off course ^^)

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The buildings were simple to assemble, you need glue for them. One bad feature is the way pillars are glued to the platform. the connection point is too thin and bound to break so metal bar or expect repairs.

Other than that they are fine terrains, fit the rules very well and have great playability. Lots of details and painting them well will take some time. Maybe I would have liked a bit more verticality with a bigger building somewhere.

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Started painting them and it's far from complete but it's already a nice touch and you can appreciate how well they are made.

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For the scenery alone the Octarius box is worth it so if you have a slight interest in the models and the game it's a must buy box! If pre-orders are not too crazy maybe I get a second one for building a huge scrapyard!

Widget :

There are size : 1", 2" ,3", 6" rulers . They fit their new symbols things. I used mine in as they are thinner and handier. Still, it's expected to have them in the box. Could also look good if painted :D

Tokens are needed to play the game. You can print some, buy some custom acrylics or use the one in the box. They do the job and are of normal quality.

Books :

There is the Rules and the Campaign book inside the box. Rules for the 2 kill teams are inside the Campaign book. The core book is big with all the rules and ways to plays (more on this later.)

Note: Compendium book is not in the box and will be needed for all the other kill teams. Komando and Krieg rules are not in the Compendium ...(that's shitty).

Conclusion :

The box is awesome, the table and the models you get is excellent to play. If you can buy it, you should. It's a great start in Kill Team and honestly, it should be a permanent item especially if you want the game to grow.

More reviews to come !