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Black Templar : Primaris Emperor Champion

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Hello everyone !!

Emperor Champion Primarised :D

When you think about the fluff it's not even a stretch :

No one knows how or why, but every so often, a Black Templar of any rank starts receiving visions from the God-Emperor – and when the Lord of Mankind makes you that kind of offer, you can’t just refuse it.

Wracked by these visions, a newly anointed Emperor’s Champion is confirmed by the Chapter’s Chaplains, leaves their old life and rank behind, and is tooled up with a whole chapel’s worth of relics and raiments. These include a Black Sword, a rare power weapon, the first of which was wielded by Sigismund, First Captain of the Imperial Fists.

So it kind of make sense that at some point a Primaris Marines is chosen.

Personally, i always imagined that the Emperor Champion is just a latent psycher coming from Sigismund geneseed allowing one of them to hear the Emperor ^^

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Also the model is really great :D