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Warhammer+ Launch infos

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Hello everyone !!

Launching the 25 August there is Warhammer+

Warhammer+ is a sub offering these advantages:

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Price is decent at 4.99 £

Warhammer TV: The App
Much of the new content will be available through the new Warhammer TV app. This is your hub for all of the new painting, lore, and gaming shows, as well as Warhammer animations. It will be available at launch on iOS and Android, as well as the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku services, so you can watch the latest episodes of Loremaster, Citadel Colour Masterclass, and more from the comfort of your sofa.

There also a dedicated website (like netflix ?)

We’re aiming to cover even more platforms post-launch, but in the meantime, Warhammer TV will also have a dedicated website that you can access from your desktop, mobile, and tablet as needed.

Fun fact not a lots of countries at launch :

warhammer rumour

When Warhammer+ goes live on the 25th of August, you can access it in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Italy. Don’t worry if your region isn’t on the list – we’ll be rolling it out to more territories soon.

Lol, no France, Spain, East Europe, china, japan, all Asia, sud America with brazil, Argentina is also not included ^^

hmm hype is drying for me ^^

But it's probably for the app only ? if you access the website does your W+ account is barred from seeing , can you VPN ?

Who's getting it ?