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Sons of Behemat update in the next WD

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Hello everyone !!!

WD 467 will have a Battletome update for the Sons of Behemat inside you will find :

-New Battle Tactics
-Grand Strategies
-2 Faction Core Battalion

Ever wanted to mount a surprise charge with a unit of Mancrushers? Check out the Footsloggas core battalion, which makes your gargants super swift. What about giving two Mega-Gargants artefacts?

Point of view

It's a terrible decision! it's a fucking mistake to add new Battle Tactics. It's even worse to add Factions specific core battalion.. They removed them because it was unbalanced...

ps : Maybe faction specific could be limited to Sons that can't really use the regular one...

Very sad announcement for AOS competitive scene, hope TO will ban this.