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Kill Team : Jungle Bob is ready !

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Hello everyone !!

Finished the Komando Nob from the KT box.

These models are really fun to paints.

Colours used :

Primed white

Skin :

Orc Contrast.
Biel tan shade
Irati Green(scale)
Moot Green
White (scale)
Iriel yellow


Steel from Vallejo metal
Agrax shade
Mytril silver
+AK rust streak and Blood for the blood god.

Jacket : (everything is scale 75 for a super mat finish)

Black base.
Stippling with mix of ardennes green + black
then Ardennes green
then ardennes green plus white.

Pant : (all scale 75)

Black base
Mix Black and Pretroleum grey
Petroleum grey
Petroleum grey + white

Bags :

Snakebite contrast
Cygor contrast
Agrash Wash
Steel legion touch there and there.

I really want to paint the whole KillTeam but i need to get back to the Stormcasts...i have team tournaments start of October and i have nothing finished (or even started ^^) and my teammates expect at full painting points ^^


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