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Rumour list like it's 2010 all over again ^^

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Hello everyone !!

This rumour planning has been released then taken down.
Originally it was on B&C but a few screens are floating around.

I usually don't bother with these, but now i have 2 trusted sources that told me that this leak created some heat at GW HQ. Can't go into more details but the list is very accurate and they are not happy at HQ.

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From what i know :

World Eater have been ready for years now. But some rework to the models could have been done.

Squat : More than a kill team.

Two New Regiments are Krieg And Catachan off course.

Great appreciation rating on the recent Catachan models.

Kill Team :

Catachan and Nids fighting in the jungle is also coming

Yay, let's indulge in a bit of rumour talks :D