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AOS 3.0 Faq Of the Faq

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Hello everyone !!!

GW released a correcting FAQ of the previous FAQ !

warhammer rumour

-Cogs are nerfed only one wizard gain an extra spell
-Changed the first part of SpellPortal (no more triangulation range exploit)

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

-All FNP/Shrug/Bodyguard are in fact WARDs
-One ward roll limit

warhammer rumour

-Pile in Blockade due to being the same distance from 2 targets is removed

warhammer rumour

-Clear up on slain and extra wounds.

-Another WildWoodWarscrolls change: They can now teleport and place in enemy territory

Very good errata on ward and pile in clear up ! Cogs nerf is excellent !!

It's nice when GW listen to the community