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Age of sigmar night : Report 1

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Good morning sigmar !!

Yesterday was Age of sigmar night.

2 (small) games were played

-Stormcast eternal vs khorne warband on a kill everything mission with 800pt on each side.
-Skaven vs high elves, ritual mission, skaven 600pt , high elves 700. (skaven player was the ritualist)

Things we learned:
-Play objective based mission, last man standing in a close game take a long time to finish.
-AOS is a game of combo. Basically a game is you : trying to buff your unit while trying to counter the enemy combo . It's quite fun !
-The game seems super balanced. Not to brag or anything but, we used our homemade point system and gw warscrolls, the 2 games we played tonight felt more balanced than most of the 40k games we made these last 2 years.
-Rules are a lot deeper than first thought. with the number of warscrolls+ special rules the possibility seems incredible .

Ok, i stop here and present you very fast the 2 games played yesterday.

Elves vs skaven. Mission : The ritual

Info : The ritual mission is from the age of sigmar book. One players is the ritualist scoring a major victory if he completes a ritual or kill the general and his second. The other player is the disruptor trying to break the ritual by using a hero ability in 3" of the ritual.
-To complete the ritual, roll a D6 at the start of each turn, when you reach 20 you won.

The list :
High elves
*Prince on griffon
*10 swordmaster
*10 marines guard
*5 elyrian riders
*1 mage on foot

*2 *20 clan rats (mixed lance and sword)
*2 rat ogres
*1 flamethrowers

The photo up there is from the First turn the High elves running forward, the ritual spot is the top of the temple.
What happened here was the high elves player thinking like wfb, shooting clan rats instead of warp flame throwers, missing charge with a prince on griffon ^^ and stuff like that.

The skaven was very smart with his special weapon, surrounded them with clan rats, mixed sword and lance for maximum attack. used the retreat move + charge (with clan rats banner) for repositioning.

The battle lasted 6 turns, until the rats scored 20 rituals counter.

Chaos warband vs Land marines

The lists :

Sigmarites 900pt
1 lord castellant on dracoth
1 lord relictor
1 lord cellestant with lantern
1 griph hound
3 prosecutors
3 retributors
2*5 liberators

Khorne :900 pt
1 khorne lord
1 bloodsecrator
1 whip guy
7 bloods warriors
20 blood reavers
4 mino (from beastmen army book)

Both players were trying the game for the first time !
They forgot (ignored) the scenery, went to the center for a king of the hill battle royal. Once the dust settled all was left was 2 liberators, 1 lord relictors with 1 wound left and a retributor with 1 or 2 wounds.

From afar this game looked like a big mess, but there was a lot of smart and sneaky decisions involved.
IE: activating a unit to kill a model, preventing another units to make a pile in move in the direction you want. It's nearly impossible to describe it with words (for me at least :D ) you have to try it ;).
You could compare it to a blood bowl block war ! Look like a mess from distance, but when you play it's super tactical.

That's conclude our "Age of sigmar night : report 1".