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New Stormcast Warscrolls

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Hello everyone !!!

2 new SCE warscrolls revealed before NDA lift tomorow ^^

Stormstrike Chariot

warhammer rumour

Tanky, fast and good for hunting small goalKeeper units or support heroes it's an interesting piece


warhammer rumour

Now that stormhost rules are reduced to just one rule (but they removed must pick trait/relics) it's important to maximise your list.

In this case, if you for example pick a unit of 6 Annihilators with 2 hand hammers that just teleported 7" away from the target it is tasty !! (18A with 3+/2+ -2 dmg3 that deal double hit on 6). This is very close to instant killing Archaon or anything ^^

warhammer rumour

Dmg against a 2+ archaon if you have Krondys reducing armor rolls by 1

Off course will do a full review tomorrow ^^


warhammer rumour

Models is awesome and stats are neat

warhammer rumour

Very good unit (even if a bit pricey) because you can just drop somewhere and finish one target damaged by an annihilator drop !

Btw Teleport Prayer still broken ^^


CU tomorrow !