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Necrons warriors trying to high five while sergent Castus stand there !

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Hello everyone !!

GW Webstore served his 1 000 000 clients so they do this promo offer :

This exclusive model will be added – free of charge – to any individual order with a checkout value of more than £150 (or the regional equivalent) on until midnight on the 28th of October, so you’ve got just one month to get yours. He won’t be available anywhere else either, so don’t miss your chance.

So it's around 30£ minus port cost for an exclusive sergeant ^^ (Wayland do 20%, so 20% of 150 it's 30£)

The model

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

The model is nice for a Primaris Sarge :). One question thought why does his knee is painted like a Pokeball ?