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Sunday Preview – Black Templar Army Set

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Hello everyone !!

Still, no Dragon on pre-orders but the Black Templar get their new army box with one of the first Primaris units for non-codex chapters.

Containing 13 miniatures, 12 of which are available for the first time.

Primaris Crusader squad, featuring four Neophytes, five Initiates, and a Sword Brother decked out with holy wargear.

Black Templars transfer sheet containing 226 decals.

Codex Supplement: Black Templars, which has an exclusive cover featuring John Blanche’s stunning artwork from the third edition of Warhammer 40,000.

This 80-page book contains all the rules and lore you need to get started with the Black Templars. Within its pages are Battle-forged rules that cover Templar Vows and Passions, new Stratagems, wargear, Relics, and a bumper Crusade section

Just like Kill Team: Octarius, we’re taking steps to ensure everyone who wants one can get their hands on a copy. Keep an eye on the Warhammer Community site, as we’ll be sharing more information on how this will work later in the week.

Good !

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Two very old metal rosters on pre-orders, Amazons & Khemri. Both are not optimised at all...Khemri missing 2 mummies (yea I know they are tomb guardians but at the times of the models they were real mummies with Mighty Blow^^) .

For the zons, unless you really want this old team, there are dozens of betters options !

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warhammer rumour

Dragons already in the Battle Report ?

warhammer rumour

Look closely at the SCE vs Raiders feature a dragon rider!

Also still no FAQ on the SCE prayers ^^