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Next Week Pre orders : Warhammer Underworld & friends

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Hello everyone !!!

Next week on pre-orders, still no dragons ^^

Warhammer Underworld HarrowDeep

The new Season box for WHU will focus this time on Ulgu. If it follows the trend with previous season happening in Ghur it should announce an Ulgu season for AOS next year (it's usually 2 season in a single realms)

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Those models are really cool but if I am honest all WHU models are good at least ^^

War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tide

More 40k rules sandwich ^^ this time the setting is Octarius

warhammer rumour

Coming with a Crusade book (that is good ^^)

warhammer rumour

Sons of Horus Legion Praetor

warhammer rumour


Legion Mk IV Destroyer Squad

warhammer rumour

Models weapons are weird ^^ It's a forbidden weapon carrier with John Woo bodyguards ^

Games Workshop Tuft

warhammer rumour

Want to compare them with the Army Painters one at least. But the market have now a bunch of options. Check Amazon and you will be surprised by the number of choices.