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Armiger and Moirax knights joins Titanicus !

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Hello everyone !!!

Smallest vehicle to join the titanicus game yet !

the Armiger and Moirax knight

Movement value of 11” and ignore penalties from terrains (Agile rule)

The Armigers come in two flavours, close-range Warglaives and dual-autocannon Helverins, and each kit lets you build two of the former and one of the latter.

warhammer rumour

The Knights Moirax come with two Knights dual-wielding lightning locks, and one with a mighty volkite veuglaire and gyges siege claw.*

warhammer rumour

Weird that these kit must mix their equipment :/

I don't know you but seeing these cute knights make me wish for mini baneblades, Land raiders and other stuff ...

One can dream ^^