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Blood Angel Castellan Captain !

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Hello everyone !!!

Hobby share post tonight! A local group of players is starting a Crusade Campaign soon and I wanted to share the debut of this little merry band ^^

I am going to play Blood Angels (of course) and wanted to start with the leader. Rule wise I am not sure what he's going to be... Maybe a Death Company Captain or a regular captain. A Chaplain probably could be handy also. I am not sure at all!
Btw there is a gentlemen agreement on the list-building so no smash captain and stuff like that ^^. He's reasonably going to start as a simple captain with a power axe and a combi(something) and will evolve in something greater as it goes ^^

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One thing was sure; I wanted to use the Castellan model from the new Black Templar line as a starting point. The model is awesome and the details are crazy good! All these skulls and the Baroque aesthetic hit the spot for me.

Right now the backpack and the head are not glued. The weapons are lightly glued. I could probably use one fancy wingsPack and replace the axe head for something optimised but I don't want to be "That guy" in our super casual & friendly crusade campaign (considering that I am already known as the guy that does WTC and stuff ^^)

warhammer rumour

The castellan is a great model and perfect for Death Company stuff or very baroque Priest! There are only a couple of BT symbols to remove if you swap the backpack.

Building Tips

I don't know why, but the shoulders are both in 2 parts! and you must be neat to avoid gap (or have gap filler ready).

My self, i tried this one for the first time :

warhammer rumour

It's really handy, you press both parts together and use the pencil to drop glue on the joint. Then the glue is absorbed by capillarity and the gap is removed. There is probably a learning curve, but for a first it was good.

Now I have to decide if I paint him red or black ^^

ps: Thanks gw to have sent this one ^^ I am not a BT player but found some use ^^

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