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Atia's weekly progress report #2

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Another busy week without huge progress, but well, I said I'll post a little progress report every week, in good and in bad times xD

Let's start with the Black Library side of the hobby :)

I finished Horus Heresy: Blades of the Traitor, and I really like the short stories in it, mostly 'cause both Mortarion and Maloghurst are part of it. I won't spoil that much yet in case you haven't read it, but I like it that Mal is described with his armour! 10 points Guy Haley!

Now the bad thing ... Cybernetica didn't arrive >.> seems like I need to read something different this weekend :<

Now, let's see what I did on the painting side of the hobby this week :P

The time of Khul ends ... soon mortals, the Bloodqueen will return to the mortal realms!

Well, I already said it ... not that much progress this week, just started with one of my favourite characters, Valkia! I wanted to paint her since her release, but never found both time and a fitting place in my armies for her (since she didn't get a 40k profile ...). AoS changed that, and soon she will lead my Khorne Guys against the Warriors of the false God-King! I hope I'll be able to finish her next week, but no promises on that yet :P

Oh, and I teased my Sylvaneth last week, so let's take a look at what I have planned for them :)

Allarielles children rise ... the Sylvaneth of the Vale of Cherry Blossoms will defend their forests!

Actually, I always liked Treelords, Dryads and some of the wilder wood elves stuff, but never had the passion to go "full wood elves" ... 'till now :)

I'll make a little Sylvaneth force to use alongside my Stormcast Eternals for the forces of Order, some Dryads, a Branchwraith, and some Treelords. While I like the models a lot, I never was a fan of the "classic" brown/green paintscheme for them ... but I always was a fan of Japan and Asia, so I thought, why not use cherry flower trees as a theme, and flash them out with some pink? Make them more akin to daemons or elementals, like the asian Tengu of the forest. As I started to do more research, I found some awesome wood elves painted by Awaken Realms (you can see them f.e. here, and the idea really growed on me. So yeah, I need some Cherry Flower Sylvaneth! I also have plans for a nice centerpiece model for this army, adding an asian theme and giving the tree-spirits some celestial fire support ... but more to that later ;)

Oh, and I'll be off for vacations 'till tuesday, and I wish a wonderful hobby-week everyone :)

Lady Atia