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Talons of the Emperor Shaping Up !

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Hello everyone !!!

With a codex coming soon (after Christmas) Talons of the Emperors force details are teased by GW !

First, we have Ka Tah (cute name) for Custodes and then the Knight Centura for Sisters of Silence.

Custodes Martial Ka'tah

Very close to the Space Marines Doctrine in the way you use them.
You start with the Primary, then you can go to the Secondary then the Tertiary. You can never go back a Katah (unless you have Stratagem or special rules)

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Each Ka Tah has 2 stances that you can choose from during the command phase. But if you use a stance from another Ka tah you can't come back. So if you burn through the Ka Tah fast you only have 4 stances up to 6 if you use them sparingly ^^

This rule is poorly written IMO...

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So if Calistus is your Primary Ka Tah, you can use Stance 1 or Stance 2 during the first 2 turns. Off course both are super strong ^^

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interesting considering you choose your Ka Tah at the start of the battle!

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Another fine ability but more situational than the first one ^^

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New entries for the Sisters of SIlence in the next Codex. Make Prosecutors troops and give Lieutnan aura buff!

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Have access to one of these relics!

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Holy cow...they should give these to Custodes ^^

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Ok, that's all for now and we have to wait until after the holiday for the full codex :(