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Release planning

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Hello plastic lovers

Here the planning round up :

  • 3rd tome of the balance of power is next week
  • then it's Space marines birthday
  • End of April should be Orcs ehhhh I mean Orruks (Look like Ironjaw will be the next faction?) Multi week releases
  • Then Tzeench board game this Summer ("Hero quest in tzeench's silvertower" + kick-off of Tzeentch's reign)
  • By Fall Warzone fenris , AKA do we kill the wolves ? Black Library E-shorts blend into the next part.
  • End of 2016 should be HH boardgame 2
  • Bloodbowl revival (HYPE) should be Q3/Q4 if possible.

All this release should be mixed with a bit of AOS repack and minor stuff.

+ There is a game board conundrum so the release date is a bit blurred.

bob. (Under Atia tutelage)

Also via Hastings:
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