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Fury of the Deep Boxset !

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Hello everyone !!!

As expected/teased, the new box is FS vs Idoneth.

Sadly only 2 new models ; one hero for each side.

Akhelian Thrallmaster

warhammer rumour

The Thrallmaster shifts stances to effortlessly counter whichever opponent he faces, instructing his Namarti followers to follow suit

So thrall buff ?

Auric Flamekeeper

warhammer rumour

Not a fan of the FireSlayers model :/ the different bronze faces are really "Disney Like" especially the central one...

Armed with a brazier axe, the solemn Flamekeepers are responsible for removing the ur-gold runes of fallen warriors. They can harness the power of lifeless runes to bestow blessings upon their fellow duardin, all the while bellowing litanies from beneath their grim death masks.*

interestingly : Fury of the Deep is due in early 2022, and there’s more news about salty sea-aelves and sizzling duardin coming.

Let's hope then ^^