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Warhammer+ teaser for 2022 (2 new exclusive models)

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Hello everyone !!!

New Teaser video on what's coming this year on warhammer+ !

The Exodite

This anime is a bout TAU army ! Images look cool

warhammer rumour


warhammer rumour

Black Talon

warhammer rumour

2 new models

One terminator and one Chaos Sorcerer ?

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Is it value ?

Honestly, I don't know ... I am subbed principally to have access to the apps and the exclusive model but when i check the content added each week...come on it's lame...

Check what's added this week :

warhammer rumour

So it's 2 videos a week...The same as a youtube channel? I like Masterclass very much and Battlereports are always cool but it's clearly not enough...

What do you think? hyped for W+ in 2022 ?

Myself, I am interested in this one :

warhammer rumour