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Skaven Submarines !

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Hello everyone !!!

More Fluff info dropped about the FS/IDoneth box coming soon.

you can read everything here , but the best part is this :

The Collapse

After standing firm against countless assaults from the likes of Khornate worshippers and the Nighthaunt, Ryftmar was finally brought low by the Skaven. In submarines.** It turns out that hordes of ratfolk in their little underwater boats aren’t as cute as they sound – the warpstone torpedoes that they fired caused terrible devastation to the lower vaults of the magmahold. Even though the Skaven were eventually driven off, the damage they caused left Ryftmar in a precarious position.

Such a good idea! Skaven submarines and Warpstone Torpedoes !! Awesome :D I'd love a new Rat Army with a strong Steampunk Theme!

Would you like Rats SubMarineer?