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New Autarch multiparts kit !

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Hello everyone !!

More details on the new Autarch kit have been revealed by GW. It seems the kit have loads of weapons/parts options. It's really reminiscent of a time where kit were full of options !

warhammer rumour

The new miniature comes with options to equip your Autarch with a Howling Banshee mask, a regular helmet, or a bare head, as well as a choice of male and female torsos.

You can also take a Warp Spider jump generator along with either a star glaive or a Scorpion chainsword

you also have options to take a shuriken pistol, Reaper launcher, Dragon fusion gun, or death spinner.

warhammer rumour

Plus, this new model is fully compatible with the existing Autarch kit, giving you even more modelling choices.

Honestly, even if I am not super fan of the pose and the tactical rock vibe, it's good to have all those options in the kit, knowing they are going to be present in the rules.

Also, the new Gravis Captain kit coming soon have 3 weapons options (PS, Chain, PF) and even if it's not incredible it's a step in the right direction IMO..