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Eldar and Nids codex tease !

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Hello everyone !!!

Eldar Codex is a big one 200 pages and will include harlies

There are new army-wide special rules, Stratagems and a whole host of new Crusade content that lets you walk the Path of the Warrior, the Path of the Seer, or the Path of the Outcast.* The codex also contains full rules for using the new Autarch, Guardians, Warlocks, and Dark Reapers that we’ve unveiled over the last few weeks.**

As well as rules for Asuryani Aeldari (that’s craftworlds to me and you), this new codex also has rules for fielding Harlequins – we’ll have more info on adding these deadly clowns to your armies later in the week. We saw the first Corsairs miniature at LVO, and you can also include them in an army. You can even dedicate yourself to the Aeldari god of death and take a Ynnari army – all using the same codex!

Neat, so eldar factions will be done in one book ! Too bad they didn't do the same for FS/Karadron/Dispossessed :(

In the future: nom nom nom

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