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Beast of Chaos new Warscroll & This Week Pre orders

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Hello everyone !!!

As you maybe know, the next WD will have an update to the BOC codex. (12 pages).

Look like the Herdstone will get a new warscroll (plz be more than 6" range !!!).

Also, the next week pre orders are up :

Tome of Champions

warhammer rumour

Add 5 new warbands (Kruleboys, SCE, Slaanesh, Dok, LRL)

This year’s book also contains comprehensive rules for using Warhammer Underworlds characters in Warcry

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Tau Etherals Made to order

3 or 4 old tau models are in Made to order next week.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

several classic Middle-earth sets are also making a comeback next Saturday. The Moria Goblin Shaman adds magic to your scurrying army, transfixing foes before your horde overwhelms them, while the Armoured Moria Goblins offer a variety of weapons with which to dispatch any foe. The Easterling Warriors Warband creates a wall of blades for your enemies to break against – especially with the support of their new heroes.

For the forces of Good, Lorien Elf Archers are perfect skirmishers thanks to their skilful archery and evasion, especially led by Galadriel, Protectress of Lothlorien, who can unleash a variety of powerful spells. Haldir’s Elves with Swords and Haldir’s Elves with Bows are perfect for recreating the defenders from Helm’s Deep, and the Captain of Dale can perform a Heroic March to drive the Warriors of Dale forward unto victory.

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You can build an entire underhive sector with this gigantic box, which includes a whopping 106 pieces of terrain and accessories.

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houghten made a very neat sum up of the box :

5 of the Columns sprue from the Columns and Walls set for a total of 10 columns
1 of the Short Walls sprue from the Walls and Columns set giving 3 short walls
2 of the Mixed Walls sprue from the Walls and Columns set giving 2 more short walls and 2 long walls
1 of the Doors sprue from the Walls and Columns set giving 2 short doors and 2 long doors

If, for the sake of simplicity, we say each of the six sprues in the Columns and Walls set is worth one-sixth of its total value, that gives us 9/6 × £50 = £75 worth of columns and walls.

The platforms and stairs seem to be as per the existing box set: 2 sprues of stairs and 2 sprues of platforms (that should give 10 platforms, not including the elevator or the 4 integrated into the long column toppers, but I keep counting 11. Possibly one of them is a cut-down long column topper, or borrowed off the Gang Stronghold). That's a nice easy £37.50

The Barricades and Objectives I think you only get one sprue of - I count 8 barricades scattered around the picture instead of the 16 you get in the standalone box, 4 of the little TV stands instead of 8, et cetera. On top of that I'm inclined to disregard or at least discount this sprue because it's been in Underhive, Dark Uprising and Hive War already - which makes them laughably easy to find on eBay for less than £10 a sprue (unlike the Bulkheads sprue that only came in Underhive or as a standalone and is like fucking gold dust). Let's call it £9, in case of postage.

The Thermic Plasma Conduits are a weird one, since the only other ways to get them currently are to buy the £90 Battlezone Charadon set, buy them on eBay or hope Warhammer Conquest Issue 33 spontaneously comes back into stock. eBayers seem to want about £15 for them. On the other hand, I figure anyone who actually wants these probably already acquired some sometime in the last five years, so I'm going to apply an arbitrary discount to that and call it £13.50 because it makes my total come out to a nicer number.

I haven't actually counted the pieces of the Gang Stronghold but the way it's designed you need four of Sprue A to build the Gunk Tank so they can't sneakily leave one out. I'm going to go ahead and assume that's the expected £55.

So that's:
£55 worth of Gang Stronghold
£75 worth of Columns and Walls
£37.50 worth of Platforms and Stairs
£9 worth of Barricades and Objectives
£13.50 worth of Thermic Plasma Conduits
£190, give or take, worth of terrain in total.

AI : Vampire Raider & Hunter

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

White Dwarf !

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

For the HERD !!


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