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Year of the Beast !! For the Herd !

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Hello everyone !!!

Beast of Chaos White dwarf has leaked to the Internet already! It's a truly S tier update for the poor Beast of Chaos! the only true children's of Chaos !!

First the :


give a -1 rend for all the battlefield (only to BOC unit thought) it become rend -2 at turn 3 and later.
The new Aura rules are: start at 12" wholly within and increase 6" each turn (so 12/18/24/30/36), halves morales losses and buff rallying to pass on a 4+ (HUGEEEE).

So the Herdstone is now super important to the point where you are going to protect it from rampage and stuff ^^

Rampage Panel
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All 5 new Rampages options.

Primal roar : 1 Summon points (So twice a turn) it's super strong !

Feast on Flesh : Ghorgon only and once per game but hunters of the Hearlands doesn't protect you so it's very good. -1 rend and heal wounds on a kill !

Devour Spell : Cygor only, range is short, you have to beat casting but you dispell the spell and probably heal to full if you succeed.

Miasma : Very good ! -1rend on a 2+ is neat. The range is short but against huge target it's fine and as it's before combat phase it's very good to set up a kill !

Thirce Savagery : +1 attacks to all melee it's +4 attacks.

Honestly all these options are really strong ! a Jabber + Chimera Combo can jump on anybig Hero (Mawcrusha, Giant) and delete them ^^

Grand Strategies and Objectives
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3 battles tactics and one Grand Strategies.

The GD is ok but you need to play last to ensure you make it

Battle tactics :

In the Shadow of the Herdstone : Very good one ! the Herdstone is going to attack stuff and you want to kill stuff !

Fury of the wild: bad...first turn only, your general and 2 units , within 3" at the end of turn ! So many bad shits can happen and make you fail this...Just don't!

Wrath of the summoned unit: Very good and easy once you have summoned (and you should).

2 of these Battle tactics are easy to do. Give you a large panel on BT to do now. Honestly it seems very easy to do 5 BT per game now : Run3, behind enemy line, conquest, monster acquisition, kill a battleline, kill a monster, shadow of the headstone, Wrath...

Imo, Boc are A tier now! :D

What do you think?