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The Akhelian Allopex rules update in the next Battletome !

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Hello everyone !!!

As you maybe know Idoneth (and FS) are the next 2 Battletomes for AOS 3. Logically WHTV team started teasing some rules change.

Today it's about the Allopex ! the Huge Shark with a net ranged ^^

In the next Book, they are getting a lot of pricer (+40pts) but their ranged attack dmg is now 1d3 instead of 1

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-they also get the 3" Coherency rules (like the Stormdrakes)
-Bloodthirsty predators range improved
- riders get a bit of rends

Also, you can get them in a pack if you play Fuethan (Count as Battleline) It's a lot like the Sorc coven from the Maggotkin of Nurgle Battletome.

warhammer rumour

The combo is disgusting ^^ shoot then charge with at least 2 of the models from the Shiver and each 6 (you can get 5 attacks with some tasty combo) count as 3 hits (rend -2 dmg 2 ^^) ...

Allopexes are the real deal Now :D (as the whole faction anyway ^^)