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Valkia The bloody is coming !

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Hello everyone !!!

In this week teaser they showed thorn wings and my money is on Valkia !

Yes, I think the Khorne queen is getting a new plastic model for the new Battletome.

I explain why

-There was a novel on her and the cover match the teased picture.

-Khorne is probably the chaos non-revealed battletome coming in the summer (major chaos faction and super old tome)

-Valkia is a very old but loved model

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Comparison shot (teased is left, actual model is right)

warhammer rumour

I think it all makes sense !! but i also could be wrong and it's a Nids new model ^^

What do you think?


ps : it's also possible that i played too much total War 3 (Skarbrand Faction)